IIWII: A platform for contextualising knowledge in the post-truth era.

We live in a time where we are often confronted with uncertainty and unable to explain many of the chaotic global events unfolding around us. Simultaneously, the increasing intelligence of digital products we use encourages passive thinking and tailors unique experiences of information, obscuring objectivity.

IIWII promotes your agency over your information and belief generating and processing skills as you navigate through digital networks.

Using natural language understanding, IIWII identifies & collects key concepts & topics of interest from the websites you browse online and presents these in a dedicated space on your desktop using a projector. Alongside these the platform then collates similar & contrasting concepts by cross-referencingthe user’s archive and external knowledge bases. It becomes an ambient, secondary interface that sits alongside your computer, to aid in research & media consumption online, as well as serendipitous exploration of the web. 

By exploring this data via a tangible mapping tool you are able to establish contextual relationships and map your knowledge base. IIWII’s configurable applied intelligence combines this information with an evaluation of your engagement via a vision system, to train its algorithms & adjust its presentation of additional resources that support your research or challenge your established viewpoints.


Exhibited: Royal College of Art, June 2017 and Imperial College London, July 2017

Research materials coming soon.