BRidGE: A user-centred digital identity platform using blockchain to securely support complex layered identities and new forms of peer-to-peer social agreement. 

As we enter an era of mass migration, oscillating national affiliations and hyperconnected digital immersion, the way we form our personal and collective identities is fundamentally being reshaped. Political systems are being challenged to re-evaluate the contextual dynamic between the individual and their collectives. BRidGE gives citizens agency over identification for this multi-layered, decentralised future.

BRidGE is a proposal is for a digital identity platform that encompasses mechanisms for storing, verifying and displaying identification. Individuals can enter valued attributes in a distributed and fragmented data system utilising blockchain and the IPFS protocol. Palm devices recognise vein patterns of unique users, allowing institutional verification or a social agreement to be recorded for chosen fragments of information. An identity mixing desk allows a user to selectively disclose data and create formal or playful representations tailored to a specific context. 

BRidGE is a speculative service design & research project built on a human-centred, dynamic working model of the layered & contextual nature of identity, in collaboration with Andrew Slack, Ivy Liang and Reto Togni. Please see the process book here.


Exhibited: Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, 2017

Participated: EU Citizenship Futuring Workshop, Malta 

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